Breaking up Google, according to the EU Parliament

EU Parliament wants Google to split their search business. It appears that the company is “too big”.

On a side note: We all knew this was too big for Google, and the direction Google was going was to take over the entire planet by indexing all variables of data.

We already know this.

Who let it happen this way?

Heritage Action CEO says ‘all of Obamacare needs to be repealed”, according to Yahoo news


NASA carbon dioxide in the atmosphere


Latest Rap Song: Get Uber So You’ll Get Screwed Over!!!

iPhones getting closer to sweet 16 Birthday following the 7 year death anniversary of iPhones’ mother.


iPhones turns 16 years old on November 18, 2014


Good Influences & Bad Influences – who do you look to for advisory and who’s logic do you cross check your theories with?


What concepts exist that are open source? Think about the idea that there’s Earth, there are countries, there is traveling, there is impression, there is legitimacy, manipulation, authenticity, rare environments, similar environments with similar influences, some vary opposite influences as well.

Are you shady? Meaning, do you like to be in the shade?