$480.00 Flat Cancellation Fee DirecTV charges even within 30 days of starting service – Might want to think before AT&T completes its $50Billion acquisition of DirecTV!!!

Even when DirecTV sucks, they don’t want you to cancel, pretty much the same style that AT&T engages in trying to keep the customer at the customer’s expense! Perhaps you may want to think why AT&T is buying DirecTV



Cancel DirecTV, because DirecTV gives you 24 hours to cancel or else you will be liable for early termination fees – Cancel DirecTV, goodluck cancelling!!!

You will probably realize the business model behind DirecTV and how the whole point is to keep you a paying customer even if you aren’t happy with their service wighin 30 days of atarting – DirecTV will still want you to pay early termination feea for the entire contract although you cancel within 30 days.

Why it’s so important to get it right from the start!