Articles from March 2013


According to Wikipedia, Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence of machines and robots and the branch of computer science that creates the “artificial intelligence”. The term was started (coined) in 1955 by a man named John McCarthy, and defines it as “the science and engineering of making intelligent machines.”. For more information regarding Ai, contact us […]

Construction GLASS projects

Improving Glass innovations by more efficient energy resistant, and energy saving, less heat, keep buildings cooler by natural reflectors. Using glass to access data and retain information on environments, air, pollution quality.

Software Integration

Integration of software allowing more functionality within a single platform helps maintain consumer/user confidence in product and also being part of the evolution, knowing that the platform is not just as it is, but it is evolving and exiting with new features and tweaks to improve the overall usability.

DB Mainframe

DB mainframe developers that understand the entire body of a mainframe system that houses the central brains of an operation.  Understanding the platform concept will help maintain a company’s operation and employee confidence in overall operations.


Oracle/SUN db management. Imagine, Oracle bought SUN and what they were thinking how the two would merge their concepts together to own/capture the world’s reliance on Small Business Database & Large Business Database environments/structures. These two are smiling, knowing they combined as part of the higher source’s agenda.

Hardware PMs

Hardware Integration and Management Project Management. Understanding how hardware compilation will also allow for end user functionality, thus, allowing for a product or brand to eliminate risk of becoming stale. Hardware Project Managers understand the need to evolve and grow, adding newer modules and pieces of hardware to add newer functionality. This will help the […]

Software PMs

Software Development Integration. Understanding how Software Project Managers look at integration of software abilities. This is also similar to how Hardware integration takes place, However, software, which allows for user functionality of the hardware, requires finer tuning to all the end user to consummate multiple processes simultaneously.

Data Center Experts

Large football field data centers.  Data Centers are key to storing Data such as companies of Google, FaceBook, Microsoft, Oracle, and major systems that rely on users accessing data faster than anything.  Just ask EMC what they think.

Load Balancer Experts

Multi-Server Load Balancer Experts.  The more users accessing a site, the more servers required to help sustain a balance, so too many users cannot jam the traffic of one server.  Alleviating this risk would take place by multi-server structures, creating a load balancing environment to spread the tension within the server properties.

Server Migration Experts

Server Full Managed Migration.  It’s just not that easy to say copy & paste.  A migration requires detailed understanding of various hard written information that sustains the functionality of a particular machine.  Migration indeed requires the understanding of the entire structure of the software and hardware, so that there’s enough to sustain the transition required […]