Articles from April 2013

Earth’s atmosphere is made up five gases

Mostly all of the Earth’s atmosphere is made up of only five gases: nitrogen, oxygen, water vapor, argon, and carbon …

All countries should operate in harmony for the success of the planet and the evolution for all visitors.

The planet should be able to have the respective countries get along with each other, so that the countries can further develop and progress in their own respective environments. Countries on the planet have various natural resources that can be transferred and traded with other countries. In order for transfers and trade to be conducted […]

Idea Mapping

New technologies are being developed towards Idea Mapping. Who is already doing this today? Which companies are ahead and forward thinking where they are able to determine pattern behaviors of prediction. The ability to predict behavior is very profitable in today’s industries, so that companies can develop products they know their customers will want years […]


High Level. Drilling through the ground at 7 miles/day. Imagine the tunnels that are dug in to dig deeper in the earth’s grounds.