Articles from August 2013

Everything is based off of Linux, but Windows and Apple are just a flavor.

Everyone knows that Apple and Microsoft have converted to Linux. Microsoft wanted to OWN THE ENTIRE INDUSTRY, but they had to settle with the OPEN SOURCE GROUP that created Linux, and then Microsoft had to revert and convert their systems to LINUX. No company will dominate, but eventually you will see a lot of flavors, […]

Why your Landing Page is your most valuable asset from a web site’s perspective.

First Impressions Count.  And this is why having the right landing page is so important for the purpose of making your customer more able to find what you’re trying to offer them.  If you set your landing page to be more customer and user friendly, the customer will not have to waste too much time […]

Want to trade like a pro?

Trade like a pro on Wallstreet. How? by knowing when to get in and get out.  When you make money, know how to get out with your profit, and not stay in thinking you’re going to make more.  What happens is investors get comfortable with their gains and then begin to sleep at the wheel. […]

Cherry Blossom Planet

Imagine a cherry blossom planet that is surrounding a hot young star.  50 light years away from planet earth, there’s a young star similar to the Sun that planet earth knows about.  A planet the size of Jupiter, is orbiting this hot young star, which the planet’s surface temperature is approximately 460 degrees on the […]