Articles from May 2014

Today had a meeting with a Developer

He was talking about .net, and php, and all types of DB related work, from PHP to MYSQL to ORACLE to SUN to MICROSOFT to GOOGLE to all these companies involved in collecting data for the purpose of understanding and refining and evolving what they know into reality.  In order for those companies, who are […]

Someone suggested to me that Google+ is suppose to take over FaceBook and FaceBook will eventually be in the hands of Google and or Microsoft.

Is this true in your opinion? What do you think about this idea?

No Pain, No Gain

Seriously, everything you do, you need to learn and go through the training in order to understand the ropes of how situations are made and what to do and not to do. Your sub-concious gets educated and makes more conscious decisions. But without exposure and without practice, how will a person, developer, manager, leader, follower, […]

Meet Your People

If you cannot meet your people in person to deliver a message or have a conversation, thanks to technology, you can take a video clip and send it along, attach it via TEXT or MMS and deliver the message. Never before could we confidently suggest sending videos as a means to delivering a message as […]