Articles from May 2015

What is “The World” and what does it mean to you?

When you write down on a piece of paper what comes to mind when you picture “The World”, write down what you think for 30 days, each day, and then when you are done, you put them in an order and shoot me an e-mail.

How to re-educate the world?

Sub-Consciously over time.

What happens if you chose wrong ingredients but you thought they were originally right?

You make the necessary corrections by adjusting feasibly to replace the ingredients with the new knowledge of ingredients that would be more suited.

Dreaming with Goals

Live your dreams, but make a goal and make sure your goals are like food. How to treat your goals like food? Well, you make sure the ingredients you use are the right ones and then the food will taste fresh and healthy and you will feel good. After a while, you get use to […]