Articles from July 2015

There are companies that are ones you will never want to do business with!!!

$480.00 Flat Cancellation Fee DirecTV charges even within 30 days of starting service – Might want to think before AT&T completes its $50Billion acquisition of DirecTV!!!

Even when DirecTV sucks, they don’t want you to cancel, pretty much the same style that AT&T engages in trying to keep the customer at the customer’s expense! Perhaps you may want to think why AT&T is buying DirecTV

Cancel DirecTV, because DirecTV gives you 24 hours to cancel or else you will be liable for early termination fees – Cancel DirecTV, goodluck cancelling!!!

You will probably realize the business model behind DirecTV and how the whole point is to keep you a paying customer even if you aren’t happy with their service within 30 days of atarting – DirecTV will still want you to pay early termination feea for the entire contract although you cancel within 30 days.