Position Available: IT/Partner Management // location: San Diego, CA – contract or perm – contact (866) 565-3769 for more information – POSTID: 080420101251P

Enterprise IT
# Windows/Active Directory Admin
# Network Architecture
# Backups / Archival / Restores / Media Management
# User support and developer support
# Software/Hardware Maintenance
# Deploy Process Management / Repository Management
# Inventory, hire/fire security processes
# Mobile services
# Security
* Physical Access
* Access Control Level (ACL)
* VPN/Firewall

Production IT
# Server 24/7 Uptime (On Call at ALL times)
# Server Maintenance (Patches, upgrades, resource mgmt)
# Database Troubleshooting
# Log maintenance
# Test Environment Build/Maintenance

Business Development
# Partner Communication Management (making sure that our partners are placed well and performing well on the site.)
* Placement Performance Analysis

* What’s Currently Live
* What’s Testing
* Live/Test Comparisons (A/B Testing)
* Ad Optimization

* Ad copy management (Implementation, etc.)
* Partner Support
# Manage Ad Management Process
# Monthly revenue reporting

Product/Project Management
# Performance Analysis
* Key Metrics Management
* Performance Reporting
* Ad Performance Metrics


Location: Orange County, CA

Location: San Diego, CA

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