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Why is it that proper nutrition, sleep, ridding corn and alcohol, and improving hormone balance can help a person reduce their depression and get rid of a lot of problems, yet, they are still lacking some of these requirements?

Is it due to distractions, or not having enough time? What can be done to fix the problems?

Do you have access to see what’s going on in space, or is that too out there where it disrupts your normal day to day life?

People MUST squat differently

The real reason why people MUST squat differently, according to annarticle found here is because people have different hip structures, and for this reason, the different structures dictates what position a person should effectively squat in.

Do parents actually monitor the safety of their children when they go to school? Why do children go to school?

Children are subject to many weird interactions which parents never hear or are aware of due to fear or lack of transparency. Do children also know they are in school for a particular purpose? Do children ever wonder why the teachers say that we need students to be in the school so the school gets […]