Is your Tax Code up to date?

Is the tax code you’re using, up to date?

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Happy Birthday Paul Allen

When you let too many people control you, you have lost control of the situation

You forget your roots, you forget how you were installed in the system, and now you have screwed up. It’s time to realize that you cannot keep letting people support your lie after and lie, and stop telling people the wrong story. If you think you can continue to get away with it, you’re dreaming. You need to wakeup and stop letting your EGO get in the way, just like your mind tells you what you should and shouldn’t do. If you think you’ve changed for the better, think again. You need to stop letting people control you.

In 2011: Meg Whitman says, close all the loop holes – Lower The Tax Rate – Need to Streamline Taxes

So, what was done as a result of her reccomendation, suggestion, or idea?

Developers product circuit board system to control Devil Baby in New York

When Developers overbuild and run out of funds to complete a project.

What’s developing in the Hidden Cities of China?

Any new cities the size of New York that are still empty?

When was last you stayed in a Hotel or Traveled?

Do you book online or use a travel agent. Do you walk into a hotel and pay the walk-in price, or do you find a better deal online.

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