FlappyBird requires user to use hand mind eye coordination skills

This is why it was a successful hit!


GE sues IRS for $658million in Overpaid Taxes + Interest

Why does GE want this money back when the IRS can use this money to keep the roads and highways safer? It doesn’t make sense… how can this be… it just doesn’t make sense??? It just doesn’t make any sense, why does GE want their money they paid to IRS 10 years ago?

Obviously, IRS knows something that needs to be done. Refund it or else GE will sue the living shit out of IRS, right? Who wins?


Useful applications have more LONGER TERM VALUE than short term gains in profits.


Learning how to develop APPS can be interesting

If you can learn how to develop them, you might be able to create something useful for someone. Why not give it a try. If you can actually make something that is useful, that’s way better than trying to just make something for the purpose of generating money.


SnapChat can probably say, now you realize how much we’re really worth???

If WhatsApp can be sold for $16,000,000,000, and SnapChat was offered $3,000,000,000, then what’s the difference?


Drink One Glass Of Water Before Sleeping

Drinking one glass of water before sleeping is like “a risk mitigation” for you. You will actually feel better the next morning and you can continue to develop more apps.


Serotonin Levels

Can Serotonin Levels help a person who is lacking certain balance in feelings. Serotonin is a naturally occurring chemical in the brain (a neurotransmitter) that is responsible, in part, for regulating brain functions such as mood, appetite, sleep, and memory.


Tools – Scripts – Modules

Tools, Scripts, Modules, let’s integrate and test them.


Have you experienced the Effective Truth?

How effective are the facts that you have learned?


Move the barge? in SF?

City asked Google to move the Barge? Is this true? Why?


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