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Meet Your People

If you cannot meet your people in person to deliver a message or have a conversation, thanks to technology, you can take a video clip and send it along, attach it via TEXT or MMS and deliver the message. Never before could we confidently suggest sending videos as a means to delivering a message as […]

Life is changing more and more because of technology – It’s the AWARENESS FACTOR that matters most.

If you’re not aware of the changes, those changes don’t matter at all. What good is it. No good. That’s why, you may hear that Life has been changing the same way as before, which it is true, but through different channels of awareness, meaning, the more aware you are, the more your decisions are […]

Does your mind think so much that you want to free flow?

Who should run for President of Planet Earth?

Gas Prices

Why are Gas Prices heading higher $5? Will this make people upset?

Under 1/4 Tank

Las Vegas Nevada


Apparently he loves it too – Just kidding

Educational Purposes