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People MUST squat differently

The real reason why people MUST squat differently, according to annarticle found here is because people have different hip structures, and for this reason, the different structures dictates what position a person should effectively squat in.

Do parents actually monitor the safety of their children when they go to school? Why do children go to school?

Children are subject to many weird interactions which parents never hear or are aware of due to fear or lack of transparency. Do children also know they are in school for a particular purpose? Do children ever wonder why the teachers say that we need students to be in the school so the school gets […]

Homeopathic Medicine

What do people generally think when it comes to homeopathic medicine? Think about the purpose of medicine, which is supposedly to cure or kill? Also, is homeopathic medicine is suggesting to take the route of doing what is natural and organic for the body, thinking that this route would cure and not kill, as opposed […]

Is your country safe?

Just like being in a car, you anticipate your vehicle to transport yourself as secure as possible, and you trust that the manufacturer has done their r&d to maximize safety.