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Solar Developers

Developers involved in Solar related environments that help build infrastructures that help take advantage of solar related maximization and efficiencies.

Skyscrapers Developers

Developers involved in building skyscrapers.

Home Developers

Developers involved in building home communities with homes for living.

Hotel Developers

Developers involved in building hotels for hotel chains private and public related companies.

Building Developers

Building Developers understand the various requirements, permits, etc that buildings need in order to pass inspections and fulfill the requirements of the blueprints designed for the owner of the buildings.

Software Developers

Developers involved in Software Development.

Hardware Developers

Developers involved in building hardware products from computers, cell phones, laptops, instruments, watches, lightbulbs, any hardware that connects. Developers can take specs and develop a hardware beta product and take the stages phase by phase going forward in order to fulfill a finished product that goes through testing and satisfies the requirements of the owner.

What happens when a developer needs to build a building?

Many factors are involved in the construction of the building. The main focus initially is the foundation. Once the plans for the building blue prints are put together, the foundation is secured. It’s not an option to pursue the foundational review and establishment, it’s a mandatory requirement to make sure that anything that is build […]

Twitter Developers

Twitter Developers are able to build upon and expand the Twitter platform by creating APIs and applications that interface with users’ ability to process various functions that are desired by the Twitter leaders. The leaders of Twitter want to create a better user experience for its customers, and so therefore, the developers create more applications […]

If you a key role in your company, you better have a Plan B for Backup