Twitter Developers

Twitter Developers are able to build upon and expand the Twitter platform by creating APIs and applications that interface with users’ ability to process various functions that are desired by the Twitter leaders. The leaders of Twitter want to create a better user experience for its customers, and so therefore, the developers create more applications that allow for services like communication in a better way, integrating some of the acquisitions and offering them in a more integrated fashion that is seamlessly a part of the user experience.

If you a key role in your company, you better have a Plan B for Backup


A wiser enemy is better than a foolish friend


Usually, when you got a business going, you don’t need to learn any more business.

You’re Born Naked, You Die Naked

Imagine you have a Driver of a BIG BUS and he’s driving it Wobbly, but you are having difficulty replacing the Driver – YOU ARE FUCKED!!!

Issues in the world are all relative

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