Sometimes you have to look at the creators of products as you being part of their team, since you will license use of the product for said fee and will be the beta-tester. Look what you’re beta testing that you consciously may not actually be aware of it.

Mainstream News is a joke – you cant communicate with it and you cannot verify it – so why pay attention to it?

A major Joke given how restrictive it is, the media doesn’t want to be held accountable because a lot is fabricated and or expired news that may not carry its weight any longer.

ok, so this is what’s been going on, but what’s going to be done to create a more fluid, transparent, communicative channel where the viewer who is listening can actually, in real time, ask a question to confirm and verify their inquiring mind, for a premium price?

This way, the option is there to ask a question, because it allows for questions to be asked and charged for a fee. Some channels may not charge at all, and will offer this to everyone for free, but some may charge a fee for premium prime time spots, and people will like to listen to other people asking questions. For A fee, why not?

LinkedIn to pay $6million in unpaid overtime, stock jumps $1B today.

Is this how it works… get a judgement for $6million in unpaid overtime and your stock goes up $1B?


NY Times Ad


Lois Lerner Text message Emails


Obama Lawsuit approved


Why new domain tld extensions are a waste of money?

.com and .org are the only ones to go after


Everyday is a chance the world can come to an end for you.

Twitter posts Record Beating Results raising Wallstreet Managed Trading Stock Ticker TWTR by 30% – up $7B in day trading.

When they say the emails are gone, we say EFunny