Minimizing Carbon in your lifestyle

How do you actually know what living a CARBON FREE lifestyle means? If you understand the difference between BURNING vs STEAMING food, you will know there are completely different property changes that take place in each process. The nutrients generally don’t get affected in steaming, but in burning, it’s generally killing the nutrients. You might want to understand there are certain foods that are meant for steaming and certain foods that are meant for cooking, such as meats and proteins.

Wondering if there’s a difference between Southern Korean BBQ vs Northern Korean BBQ. Maybe the food is awesome on both sides?

Can you tell the difference, if there’s any?

Eye site test

There are a lot of people that give FALSE IMPRESSION on FaceBook

Don’t believe what you see on FaceBook. It’s just MARKETING. You are meant to misunderstand, so you can assume, and then that creates blood boiling situations where you then have to discuss with others and create social conversations about the matter, which involves more brand enforcement in the minds of the people discussing about the situation or problem. Just think about how many default assumptions people think just by seeing a picture of you associating with somebody of the opposite sex. They think all kinds of things. And then again, if you are doing more than just the “soft picture”, then that really creates more curiosity with fact, based on intensity of the picture or text. Sometimes, people will give the public impressions as if they are so perfect, getting along with others, but in reality, they are the worst positioned enemies and continue to be, behind the scenes, in reality. See, the human nature of people are such that they actually don’t know that they have dirty laundry, but they don’t want people to know about it, otherwise they will be the talk of the town. And then, theres a reputation that has been established. This is what people sre trying to falsely create, is a FAKE reputation to other people.

CherryPicking: People who use logical reason when it’s in their favor. People who use ill-logical reasoning when it’s not in their favor <- CherryPicking

Cherry Picking….Cherry Picking…Cherry Picking…

Are you in a situation that has become a CLUSTER F***?

Definition of Cluster Fuck: Military term for an operation in which multiple things have gone wrong.

What happens when you take Psychedelics

Psychedelics… what’s the effect of this?

Amazon Prime Membership is now $86 per year

Going higher. What does this mean for you now?


Blackberry losses at $4,300,000,000 <- how the hell is this possible?

How is this possible? Sounds funny.

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