Insects and it’s immune system? – what’s the purpose of insects?

Insects are a highly designed and vital part of the whole ecology of Planet Earth. When you start talking about insects, most people think of the problems insects bring into their lives. We have all had problems with insects that sting or bite. We know about insects that thrive in places where water or filth have crept into human structures, and we know that some insects can actually eat the wood or other materials in our house. The fact is, however, that all of these negative things are actually a reflection of the beneficial things that insects bring us. Insects provide us with food by pollinating plants. Even insects that we consider a nuisance are actually pollinating insects. Seventy-five percent of all mosquitoes are actually pollinators, and most insects that sting serve man by their pollinating activities. The fact is that when an insect stings or bites, it is not to eat us, but to prevent us from damaging the insect or his home. How would man survive without pollination of his fruit trees and vegetable crops?

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Pata Chalgea – Imran Khan

Imagine if the source of news you relied on was paid by groups outside of your country in order to put fear in your mind about your own country?

If the case or not, the question is: How pure and/or accurate is your news source?

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Twitter has proven the replacement for Mainstream Media TV networks as Twitter is able to roll out news much much faster and much more organic.

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Really, why would they put their own lives at risk?

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