What do Amazon and DHL have in common?

They both want to improve delivery efficiency, accuracy, and faster for smaller items like cameras and those that fit in small packages. Let’s not worry about the other stuff, but if a nice percentage of most shipping can shift from traditional shipping methods, this can save time, money, and may actually be worth the increase in overall shopping from consumers, knowing that when they place an order, they might in fact be able to receive it at their designated delivery address within 1-4 hours.

IPs and Cookie Monsters following. Clear your Cookies or else Cookie Monster keeps coming.

The DNA is tracked by Google so they know what you’ve visited and so they can follow-up about it later. thats why you see shit follows you around…

Imagine you receive Robocalls, automated phone calls that are calling you and interrupting. Well, the FTC is offering prizes in amounts of $50,000 for anyone who can figure out the idea how to kill Robocalls.