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Ruling the world

Why the world needs to be run by Rulers who Rule for the benefit of creating a Traffic System with activities. You need to create the impression, but for how long? You cannot just keep creating the impression FOREVER. There’s a buffer which allows you to create the impression and then, hopefully, you can take a step back and it will be running naturally on its own, self driven. It’s like a Vacuum reverse pressure effect water flow which starts pushing out the water through a tube once the initial pressure was placed.

Teach your children proper manners and respect and feed them healthy food.

Feed them healthy food, not junk food. If you want your children to think junky, look and feel junky, and respect you and others junky, just feed them junk foods.

By feeding your children healthy food, hopefully, as they grow older, they will be healthier citizens that will operate whatever they do, more efficiently, more healthfully, and will make more proper decisions. Who knows, maybe they will rule the world too.

When the WORLD will transitions, those who FUCKED IT IMPROPERLY will GET FUCKED IN Return. Hopefully if we realize we make mistakes, we will correct them. Eventually, What Goes Around Comes Around.

if you think you did something, then the toxicity that was formed from the situation will reside in you. just remember, you may have forgotten about the incidents that took place, but in truth, the incidents haven’t forgotten you.

A person that’s not perfect, but tries to act perfect

Yes, what a problem. Having to deal with all the BULLSHITTED bull shit.

Does Apple know what its like to hire a Board of Directors of their competitor?

Ofcourse they do.

If The US Government wants to know if anyone other than themselves can relate to empowering an individual that becomes the enemy, they should ask around. (Educational Purposes Article)

Imagine, just like Saddam or Osama, when they are empowered to end up becoming the enemy, don’t think US Government is the only group that can relate to this. Other private companies go through this process as well, so don’t think theres only one group that has any relation to this. It happens in private US Companies too. That’s what happens when you are empowering individuals who are corrupt and have been ill advised to commit illegal and fraudulent activities that are against the policies that empowered them in the first place.

Why people love to rely on precision engineering but cannot do precision engineering themselves?It’s all about who you know and what you know.

Remember, you are a tool, and how you are applied is wether you will toughen someone’s nuts and bolts or you will be screwed to hold something in place. Either you are a tool that is set in place to maintain, or you are a tool that is always being used to tighten other screws that will hold and maintain others in place.

All countries don’t have the same freedoms that you have. Due to Cast Systems as wells as the Society that dictates what is acceptable and what is not, your actions in certain countries will be construed differently than the country that you are normally residing in.

Did you know that while you may be aay, in the United States, having freedoms to do as you want, you cannot do as you want in other countries since Society is different and communities are used to different levels of flexibility. So, you might want to think a out where you really want to reside for your life.

Why Morningside Recovery is a SCAM OPERATION

They make their patients scrub floors and don’t provide them with the full attention they originally give the impression to the loved ones that they will provide. What happens is they actually give the impression of such LOVE AND CARE, in order to get the Loved Ones to believe that placing the patient (loved one) in the Morning Side Recovery will help them drastically with care and attention, and freedom. But this doesn’t take place in actuality. It’s a FRAUD. Even the people who have recommended MORNING SIDE RECOVERY are not accountable. They are FRAUDS as well.

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