Messing with you – are they?


Why do you eat any form of animal meat?

Any ways to get you to emotionally buy?






Trying to convince you by playing authority in a specific subject matter that gets you to trust them for other items.

How to protect yourself in earthquake? – recent alert indicator puts certain parts of US in high risk territory.

If you think about it, an earthquake can take place when we least expect it. But, the EarthQuake watch dogs have sent out a notice indicating that certain areas are more risk. — Why all of a sudden is it possible for them to give notice, but not before? – is it for the advances in technology today that we are able to be aware — possibly yes.

Wallstreet Trader says I take accountability for being addicted to drugs and affecting people

He says people who are addicted are trying to fill in something they are missing or unhappy about.

I’m valuable regardless of how much money I make or cars or where I live – I can be happy!!!

Can you guess which Wallstreet Retail Trading firm engages in tactics where if their client is losing money, they try to offer services for fees and guidance, and if their client is growing nicely, then they start poking at the client saying and wondering, how is this that the client is making money in his or her account, and although they already go through review process on every trade, the brokerage department wants to create some poking and say as if the client is doing something wrong, but isn’t clear when the client actually asks what the problem is, they end up giving vague answers. Playing these type of games by retail brokerages, guess which one – WE ALL HAVE HEARD OF IT. Starts with a “T” and ends with an “e”

SkyWhale 3 story plane

Uncharged Cell Phones & Laptops are banned on all OVERSEAS and/or DOMESTIC flights.

Being to comfortable or used to something can inhibit opportunity for growth and change

It’s good to have an open-mind.