CherryPicking: People who use logical reason when it’s in their favor. People who use ill-logical reasoning when it’s not in their favor <- CherryPicking

Cherry Picking….Cherry Picking…Cherry Picking…

Are you in a situation that has become a CLUSTER F***?

Definition of Cluster Fuck: Military term for an operation in which multiple things have gone wrong.

What happens when you take Psychedelics

Psychedelics… what’s the effect of this?

Amazon Prime Membership is now $86 per year

Going higher. What does this mean for you now?


Blackberry losses at $4,300,000,000 <- how the hell is this possible?

How is this possible? Sounds funny.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Rocky Mountains

Ruling the world

Why the world needs to be run by Rulers who Rule for the benefit of creating a Traffic System with activities. You need to create the impression, but for how long? You cannot just keep creating the impression FOREVER. There’s a buffer which allows you to create the impression and then, hopefully, you can take a step back and it will be running naturally on its own, self driven. It’s like a Vacuum reverse pressure effect water flow which starts pushing out the water through a tube once the initial pressure was placed.

Teach your children proper manners and respect and feed them healthy food.

Feed them healthy food, not junk food. If you want your children to think junky, look and feel junky, and respect you and others junky, just feed them junk foods.

By feeding your children healthy food, hopefully, as they grow older, they will be healthier citizens that will operate whatever they do, more efficiently, more healthfully, and will make more proper decisions. Who knows, maybe they will rule the world too.

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