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How Many Employees do You Need to Have C-Level

I recently took the job at a small, but excellent, software company as the “President & CEO.” Pretty sharp title, don’t you think? But to be honest, I have trouble with this title – not all of it, just the CEO part.

I don’t think small companies need to have C-level titles such as CEO, CMO, CIO, COO, CFO, and whatever other C?O titles you can dream up. I guess I believe companies that use it start acting like they are companies that need it, and they clearly don’t. C-Level titles, in my humble opinion, are for big companies. How big? Don’t know, but much bigger than us. But I think you know it when you see it. If an organization has 4,5 or 10 VP’s of Marketing for various regions, maybe they should report to a CMO. Makes sense to me. But if you have 30 or 40 people in your company, who reports to the CMO? Is it the guy making $35k a year doing email blasts in your marketing division? Then I say that CMO is nothing more than a Marketing Manager with a fancy schmancy title at best.

And when you have a small company, and use C-level titles, how do VPs fit into the equation? Can you have a VP and a C-guy reporting to the President? Don’t know. Sounds inconsistent to me. And the worst is when small company CEOs start acting like big company CEOs and only want to talk to other CEOs and do CEO stuff. I’m not sure what CEO stuff is or looks like, but I’m told you only do CEO “stuff” with other CEO’s. That makes sense to me.

So at my new company, I’m trying to get back to the good old days of President and Vice-President. Not so easy when the history of the company has been the use of C-level titles. Or maybe I’ll just go by the name the guy running IT calls me – Boss Man. I like the ring to that. We can then have Vice-Boss Man or Vice Boss Lady.

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