Self Driving Cars – iDriver

The Future of Self Driving Cars will drastically change your life and your state of fear and awareness since you will not be paying attention to being a defensive driver as software and technology has been created to take that responsibility away from the DRIVER.

Now that there will be an iDriver responsible to take you places, and since you will not be the driver, because, you will now change roles to be a passenger, and can pay more attention to the LEFT, THE RIGHT, and TALK ON THE PHONE, with or WITHOUT HANDSFREE. – All that CELL PHONE BANNING ISSUE will subside and fade away.

Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

Toyota moving HQ to Texas for Taxes (Switcheroo)

Keep driving those deisel trucks and Global Warming will fYou up.

If all food was healthy, then more people would live longer and the population would grow faster and out of control. – is this true or not?

Apple Google settle CONSPIRACY LAWSUIT regarding holding down salary caps for $324,000,000 USD.

The “heartbleed” virus might be a more serious issue than what you and i think!

Former Microsoft exec Vic Gundotra leaves Google after 8+ years to return back to his hometown.

Healthy Ice Berg Lettuce


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