Web Developers

A web developer is a programmer who specializes in, or is specifically engaged in, the development of World Wide Web applications, or distributed network.

Real Estate Developers

Real Estate Developers are individuals that are involved in the life cycle of developing foundations, buildings, any related direction for real estate whether housing, apartment housing, hotels, etc.

Google Developers

Google Developers are developers that are developing either open source environments or working on the various channels offered by Google reflecting a variety of software products that Google has established to combine in order to provide an over user experience that is almost like an all inclusive functionality in one brand. Google Developers help support by extending the platform reach beyond what normal closed source arrangements can limit users to achieve maximum potential.

FaceBook Developers

FaceBook developers work on extending the platform reach for users of FaceBook by creating various applications within FaceBook, APIs, and other open source environments.

High Rise Condo Developers

High Rise Condo Buildings are on the right, and in order for these to be on the rise, the developers need to plan to build more by finding the right foundation that will help support these high rise buildings.

.NET Developers

Developers involved in developing and extending the platform for Microsoft’s .NET environment.

PHP Developers

Developers involved in creating and extending the most common language of PHP, similar to JAVA or C++.

Open Source Developers

Developers involved in working on open source environments as opposed to closed source environments.

Android Developers

Developers involved in working on the Google’s Open Source operating system for a variety of products from mobile to tv to other myriads of unique products that operate by the Android Operating System.

Solar Developers

Developers involved in Solar related environments that help build infrastructures that help take advantage of solar related maximization and efficiencies.