Rassi Jal Gayi Bal Nahi Gaya

When the rope gets burnt, its twist is still maintained in the ashes.

When an egoistic person, after losing a battle still doesn’t want to accept his defeat, he still wants to show as if he’s undefeated.


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Why hanging out with Mark made a deal come true.

It’s obvious, with Coffee And Donut, you get a happy ending.

How do you identify a unique opportunity? By strategically knowing when to strike the IRON when its hot.

Do you identify it before striking it while the iron is hot, or do you strike it while the iron is hot and then the process of identification takes place. Until you realize the gain, how do you identify? OR is possible to IDENTIFY and not do anything about it? If you don’t do anything about it, does that qualify as being identified? See, you will never know until you capture it, because then you cannot confirm the identification until you have it in your control. So while you may speculate, you cannot gain the advantage of actually identifying until you actually realize it as a gain.

FaceBooks buys RARE companies with UNIQUE technologies & UNIQUE abilities. (PREMIUM JUSTIFICATION)


G-7 leaders agree to freeze out Russia – implying that Russia is what?


Happy Birthday Steve Ballmer


Google Cheetah



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