Why did Apple And Google drop Patent suits? Something going on hidden like Steve Jobs meeting with Cisco?

What the heck is that?

Parking Cash Offshore?!?! What a great idea!!!??? Smart people!!!!

Shark Tank Says Paranoid are successful

I’m convinced that Relying on Google for all your needs is a BAD IDEA

BAD BAD IDEA since Google is not perfect. They may act like they know a lot of stuff… but if you hand over all your responsibilities to Google, they will not deliver to meet your expectations.

You need diversification just incase Google decides to pull the plug on you.

Keystone Pipeline XL

Happy Birthday Mark Zuckerberg

Self Driving Cars – iDriver

The Future of Self Driving Cars will drastically change your life and your state of fear and awareness since you will not be paying attention to being a defensive driver as software and technology has been created to take that responsibility away from the DRIVER.

Now that there will be an iDriver responsible to take you places, and since you will not be the driver, because, you will now change roles to be a passenger, and can pay more attention to the LEFT, THE RIGHT, and TALK ON THE PHONE, with or WITHOUT HANDSFREE. – All that CELL PHONE BANNING ISSUE will subside and fade away.

Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

Toyota moving HQ to Texas for Taxes (Switcheroo)