Before you find a developer, what are the top items to look for?

You want to look for the following when trying to find a developer: 1) What type of experience do they have? Does the developer have a track record where you can see the different projects that developer has been involved or worked on and what was their major or instrumental role. 2) Is their work original work…? 3) Professional Customer Service 4) How good are they at marketing 5) Creativity 6) Pricing Competitiveness 7) Turnaround Time of project spec out and completion 8) Full Variety of Services offered 9) Schedule and Availability 10) Communication with you

These are key points to look for.

Imagine a company where all they do is hire consultants to tell them what they already know.

I know companies that are so profitable that they have only 4 employees and makes shit loads of cash

All they do is give excuses but never deliver on their promises. Just excuses in attempts to derail from being caught for mismanaging the company operations.

I know a company that has executives that make up excuses for every action to justify why they do what they do, do you know any companies like that? Do you think they will fail?

Hiring a bunch of people with no accountabilty measures in place is a dead end lost opportunity

Companies that hire a bunch of people with no cost benefit analysis are going to lose.