Who is the GlassBoss?

Who’s working on creating the future of glass?

Imagine you are running a business, and you use the business profits to build your own personal reputation, and you hire a bunch of idiots who are doing the same. How long will you be able to last?


The way currency will circulate.

Once the toothpaste comes out of the tube, it’s not going back!

If you want to make some decision or action, think before you take the action, because sometimes, the actions can be such, that if you don’t think, there’s no retracting.

Developers love it

No Woman No Drive – Brilliant Video Message

It’s true from a Man’s perspective, “No Woman, No Drive” – interesting, there’s a double message here. How can a Man have Drive without a Woman?

Think about your next move before you make it. You may regret it.

Do you want to make your next move based on impulse, or based on strategic planning?

How many Saturdays do you have left in your life?

Think about how many do you have? Thousands?

Although this may not be the case, More efficient companies can fix the web site

Companies that already exist, are out there, diamonds, gems, hidden companies, with amazing talents, can make anything possible, since they already have the teams ready and setup to take on emergency type situations. They have to be found and brought to awareness, and through the proper relationship channels, situations, problems, hurdles, conflicts, that take place, rather than being abused, should be harnessed and exploited through a WIN/WIN platform to efficiently make a problem, better, and resolved.

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