Donald Sterling is legitimately the winner

57,000 vets still waiting to see a doctor

After watching the seaworld documentary, I felt like throwing up

The Team Is Not For Sale!!! LA Clippers (Latest Report)

A nice overall publicity circus from start to finish for NBA

Smart People Fix Problems. Geniuses Prevent Problems. – Albert Einstein

New Extensions

What do you think about these new extensions?

Psychological Mental Disorders

Lately realizing how mental sickness as a result of people who have been in-authentic to protect their own selfish greed at the expense of other people.

Game Developers

Game Developers continue to get laid off, the latest in reports indicate that Developers developing games are not as much in demand as they were before. This may appear to be a brief period of time when a shift in games takes place for the newer technologies coming to the Web. Other than FLASH AND HTML5, there are newer standards that are more improved to handle even more technology like Flash, but with more energy, excitement, dimensional. Adobe is currently working on new technologies just like Apple and Google, but in due time, the technology will work to be more inline for improve human efficiencies and accuracies.

China’s Property Developers facing some maturing stages

Apparently the China’s Developers face a record wave of maturing debt. The maturing debt is when the amount of dollar-denominated bonds will jump to $2.83 billion by 2015. This means that the debt is growing, and this risk needs to be evaluated to make sure that developers aren’t taking on too much risk more than is within the safe zones, or else there can be a crisis of over developments collecting dust, like some of the cities that are built and visually look active from the outside, but are all empty, the size of Manhattan.

FaceBook Developers

FaceBook Developers are involved in Login, Sharing, Parse, Games, and App Ads. These are just a few of what FaceBook Developers are involved in. There are many experiments that FaceBook is working on to improve the social networking experience of individuals, however, none of which have even remotely come to the surface of being publicly known by anyone outside of the FaceBook giant.