Web.com, Register.com, SnapNames, & New ventures Corp is a DIRTY LAUNDRY business.

Dirty Laundry, literally Scammers web.com scammed themselves into getting the web.com domain



When you see an article posting on a web site and it shows messaging such as the one you see along this article post, you will realize that there are some companies that speculate that the Internet will die in 2014.  This is a form of shaking up the mindset of the overall users of the Internet by getting people worked up for something that is difficult to perceive.  Therefore, it is always important to take messaging with a grain of salt and not so seriously, unless it is relevant to you, personally or your loved ones.  So, be on the lookout for weird advertising articles.


Abu Dhabi

This video shows some very serious creativity and technology being installed in buildings to turn the buildings more green.  Green Buildings is what the future allows for sustainability and therefore re-allocating those resources into converting human energy into more developments.  More Money, More Jobs, More Developments, More Refinements, More Progress, and More Efficiency!

Today had a meeting with a Developer

He was talking about .net, and php, and all types of DB related work, from PHP to MYSQL to ORACLE to SUN to MICROSOFT to GOOGLE to all these companies involved in collecting data for the purpose of understanding and refining and evolving what they know into reality.  In order for those companies, who are all employing many people from governments to nsa to other organizations, these companies are trying to predict what the next move will be for people, so they are invested and positioned to capitalize accordingly.

Someone suggested to me that Google+ is suppose to take over FaceBook and FaceBook will eventually be in the hands of Google and or Microsoft.

Is this true in your opinion? What do you think about this idea?

No Pain, No Gain

Seriously, everything you do, you need to learn and go through the training in order to understand the ropes of how situations are made and what to do and not to do. Your sub-concious gets educated and makes more conscious decisions. But without exposure and without practice, how will a person, developer, manager, leader, follower, creator, or any other role, be able to learn if they are not educated. The key is being able to educate efficiently without incurring costs that puts you in debt.

Meet Your People

If you cannot meet your people in person to deliver a message or have a conversation, thanks to technology, you can take a video clip and send it along, attach it via TEXT or MMS and deliver the message. Never before could we confidently suggest sending videos as a means to delivering a message as the platform and systems were not fine tuned to offer this type of reliability that we have today. Think about it.


Life is changing more and more because of technology – It’s the AWARENESS FACTOR that matters most.

If you’re not aware of the changes, those changes don’t matter at all. What good is it. No good. That’s why, you may hear that Life has been changing the same way as before, which it is true, but through different channels of awareness, meaning, the more aware you are, the more your decisions are going to modify and be influenced by those realizations.

Does your mind think so much that you want to free flow?

Who should run for President of Planet Earth?