Cost Benefit Analysis

You know what I hate. I hate it when people who say that they are so good at COST BENEFIT ANALYSIS and that they apply COST BENEFIT ANALYSIS on their hiring processes and expense processes, and when YOU ASK THEM to show you concrete examples where they actually have cases they conducted this “COST BENEFIT ANALYSIS”, and fail to show because they don’t have any to show. THIS IS BULL SHIT. The person needs to be FIRED.

Turn off your iPhones

Help reduce radiation in your room.

Bill Gates says to world, stop focusing on just one thing

He says, can you guys focus on matters that are not just tech? Can you focus on issues that have to do with health, disease, sickness, issues that are non-tech related?

Turn off your Television

Turning off your television will help relieve your mind with TOO MUCH CLUTTER that has nothing to do with your life.

Is your focus on you or someone else?

Who do you care about most in your life? Is it You?

High Rise Buildings – Condos – Living – Developers

The interesting thing about High Rise. Recently, I came across a person who was interested in finding developers who built high rise buildings for a comfortable living. Condos, High Rise Homes, etc. Well, he was looking around with a Real Estate Broker, and during his research, he spotted a news article where there was a small fire in one of the condos of a high rise building in the area he was looking, and the point he noticed was that everyone from the building had to evacuate and stand on the streets, waiting until it was clear to go back in. The realization to him was that while he may be living, and staying as responsible as he believes he is, some other person can cause some issue and it will affect all the tenants in that building. He didn’t really like that feeling. He ceased his research into looking at high rise buildings as a result of this epiphany.

Invent something new.

Either you can follow the leader, or you can lead the followers. It’s up to you. You can actually empower people to create STUFF from scratch. This direction helps be less reliable on a global force that can screw up the entire network by causing some problem. If you create something that’s off the grid, then you’re less interdependent. Now, I’m not saying that interdependent models are bad, it’s just that if 100% of your life is relying on 1 bucket, then if that 1 bucket spills, you’re whole life is affected.

Gas Vehicles VS Electric Vehicles

Do you actually think someone is going to give you advance notice that your Gas Vehicle is extinct? Do you actually think you will find out in time for you to make a transition?

The Right or Wrong Management can Grow or Blow the company.

Either the leadership you hire are “Grow Jobs” OR they are a bunch of “Blow Jobs”. It all depends who’s doing the hiring and if the bottom line is growing. If the company is all about spending spending spending, then, you know which position your management is in.


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