Wallstreet Trader says I take accountability for being addicted to drugs and affecting people

He says people who are addicted are trying to fill in something they are missing or unhappy about.

I’m valuable regardless of how much money I make or cars or where I live – I can be happy!!!

Can you guess which Wallstreet Retail Trading firm engages in tactics where if their client is losing money, they try to offer services for fees and guidance, and if their client is growing nicely, then they start poking at the client saying and wondering, how is this that the client is making money in his or her account, and although they already go through review process on every trade, the brokerage department wants to create some poking and say as if the client is doing something wrong, but isn’t clear when the client actually asks what the problem is, they end up giving vague answers. Playing these type of games by retail brokerages, guess which one – WE ALL HAVE HEARD OF IT. Starts with a “T” and ends with an “e”

SkyWhale 3 story plane

Uncharged Cell Phones & Laptops are banned on all OVERSEAS and/or DOMESTIC flights.

Being to comfortable or used to something can inhibit opportunity for growth and change

It’s good to have an open-mind.

People who lack self confidence are unable to tap their full potential skills.

I have a business model that has been proven, and I can share the vision how the formula works

This formula only works on very scalable markets and is such that it can not only disrupt the market place legitimately, but you will also capture a piece of the pie without taking too much away from anyone else. It will definitely make wonders happen, but it takes a lot of focus and you have to have a lot of GREENERY in order to do it right.

Any new developments requires a strong foundation

Any new developing opportunities that are done to business or personal will always rely on a strong foundation for its future. Why is because whatever is done can withstand on the foundation as you build more and more, and that the foundation acts as a strong support for these additional development taking place. The stronger the foundation, the better the build can be supported.

Foundation is key

Foundation is key to any development build since the foundation will play the most important key to holding up anything that is built on top.