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Time to FlyMobile

Asset value of $1.5m for the name makes sense, but brotherly love got the person involved and he now has COFFERS in the BANK, but others are paying for it.


While Los Angeles and San Francisco are threatening Uber and Lyft (Ride Sharing Companies) with legal action – AUSTIN TEXAS is making it LEGAL where they are able to legitimately operate without any legal action issue.


Finally, the US has placed airstrikes on the ISIS in Iraq and other territories to eliminate their ability to train and evolve further. There’s apparently more support needed by other Parliaments which approval process seem to be in place for others to join US in the lead campaign.

Bill Gross steps down as CEO from the company he founded, PIMCO.

He is the genius and the mega guru “BOND GURU” as everyone who knows the guy, will know exactly what he’s accomplished, and with Billions in developed growth holding multi-trillion dollar portfolio under management, this guy really is someone hard to imagine how much he knows. Awesome guy I bet you.

Larry Ellison Steps Down as CEO of the company he founded Oracle

Amazing guy, amazing success, the guy has so much work to do in his life. He is a True Guru and has the knowledge that only certain people can tap into. There’s data in that guy that is just so unique and fine tuned, precision, that he is strategically placed in the position as part of his evolving life and existence in the world he represents.



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