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Your DMV may owe you a vehicle registration refund

The Department of Motor Vehicles may be sending you a refund in the mail for an overcharge on vehicle registration.

The California Board of Equalization says the DMV is using drivers’ zip codes instead of their actual address to come up with the fees. So some car buyers are being overcharged on their sales tax while registering their cars. BOE claims the DMV refuses to use the board’s look-up tool where it identifies rates by address.

BOE officials say the problem involves California taxpayers living in what’s called a split zip code.

“We found that what happened is that in some areas in the state of California, you may have we call a split zip code, where it is you have one part of the zip code is say in an incorporated area. and other part that is in an unincorporated area and the sales tax rates are different and what was happening is they were getting charged the higher sales tax rate,” George Runner, BOE board member, said.

If you think you may be owed a refund, you can fill out a form at your local DMV office.

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