Will remote control planes be the future?

Can Amazon’s pilot drone see the light at the end of the day? Will we see a more precise and timely delivery of your hot pizza on time, in less than 15 minutes? Can you order some item from a store and see it delivered in one hour. It may happen, but chances are, not for a while. Why? The logistics are just too complicted to forsee such a society where drones are delivering items. It’s just too out of normality, but, just like the Internet took its time to become a household need, other concepts such as drone delivery will hapoen one day.

Even Apple and Google have lawsuits where they have to figure out a solution.

When Apple has a lawsuit where they are accused of infringing on a patent or intellectual property, they end up having to detemine if they violated or not, and that is when the courts and attorneys are involved in litigation.

The question is, do you have a problem that you think is the end of your world? Do you think that your problem is bigger than anyone can imagine

You may not realize, but living a life where problems are solved will actually help you flourish, and while you are in legal conflict, you should get it resolved so you can learn and move on and flourish.

Too bad for Steve Jobs – followed his homeopathic direction, assuming it would cure his cancer. What went wrong?

Thinking about all the justifications we as individuals make in order to be healthy. We hear from one side to be vegetarian, and we hear from the other side that eating meat for protein cannot be substituded.

Although new awareness of vegetarian alternatives to obtain the proteins your body needs, which out of 8 essential aminos that red meat provides, 5 of those can be found from Quinoa, speculatively. Quinoais a seed, not a grain, and has essential proteins that are good for health, can Quinoa actually replace meat? That is the burning question that many have indicated no, because these are all different types of proteins that the body cannot have one or the other. Since the body requires proteins, which source of the protein actually has the best effect for man?

Which German Automaker has created a carbon fiber plastic body for the vehicle, designed to absorb impact and energy re-distribution upon a crash?

The energy is vectored and distributed so that one concentrated area does not receive the full energy of the impact of a crash.