Imagine if…

Imagine for example: Construction workers of Famous Hotel get life in prison because the completed hotel they built was rented out to drug dealers who used one of the 150 rooms to sleep and make phone calls for drug deals – so since the construction workers supported the platform to house drug dealers, the construction workers are guilty of supporting the illegal drug deals. What does this situation remind you of?

Silk Road?

Your average freeway exit that supports drug dealers driving and taking an exit from the freeway, does that mean that the freeway workers are guilty for supporting the trafficing because they built the roads? NO unless you can prove that they knowingly built it specifically intended to support “illegal activities”.

In Memory of Dr. Das who passed away at age 75


DMV Made Easy – it’s my dream and vision!!!






Is there a cure for Autism? – seriously there may be somethings that you can do to improve a person’s autistic situation and that’s better than not doing anything at all.