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WhatsApp really worth $1.5B, overpaid $14.5B, according to latest reports.

What does this mean for FaceBook?

Theres a way to overcome BiPolar Disorder

How many FORKED Open Source Mobile Operating Systems exist?

Does anyone really know? Let’s go and find out…

Do you think $16,000,000,000 was spent for a joke

There’s more than you know behind the acquisition.

Does it bother you that WhatsAPP is always connected to your device?

Do you think it’s kind of like an invasion of privacy to know that you are always connected?

Aaron Schwartz

A day to remind yourself that Aaron Schwartz’s death shouldn’t serve as a distraction, but a thought of reminder not to follow the foot steps he did in order to gain the advantage he was looking to accomplish for his selfish interests. This lead to intense legal issues where he had no choice but to end his….

Unfortunately, those of you who are extremely selfish and un-emotional will never understand the truth. You will be on the side of those who follow the same path.

Even the selfish that have made mistakes can still have a chance to turn things around.

If anyone believes what is written here should be removed, then please submit your contact accordingly.

WhatsApp outage upsets business owners


FlappyBird requires user to use hand mind eye coordination skills

This is why it was a successful hit!


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