Ride Sharing idea, we had it first…

Creating a business doesn’t necessarily change the world, but it definitely changes your world.

If you are able to change your world, depending on the size of your world and the amount of change that takes place, OFCOURSE, you looked at other groups that have also made successes, and you use their success as a form of inspiration to help motivate yourself to do something too.  But, when you become successful, then other people who see you will use your successes as INSPIRATION to motivate them to make it happen too.

Some people love their animals more than they love their significant other. WHY IS THAT? – it’s because of a simple reason that most people have difficulty admitting.

Difficulty admitting that the Animal can actually be more fun to play with than their other human friends.  Funny is that there’s pleasure that animals give to humans and humans give to animals too.  Lots of Love!

How does it feel to know that any video recorded on an APPLE DEVICE that you post to the Internet has a KILL SWITCH by Apple?